Plaxall produces custom packaging for a variety of food products including trays and lids for desserts, candies, cakes, and ice creams. Also, providing candy and chocolate molds, and a complete line of plastic plates and bowls. We use approved materials from certified FDA suppliers in our food packages and apply strict quality controls and inspection procedures to assure that we produce only top quality food packaging for our customers. With more than 75 years in the thermoforming industry, Plaxall has the experience and capability to design and produce a package for your food product that’s right for you.

Plastic Shipping Trays

Vital to product safety during transport, shipping trays are used in virtually all industries, and are a cost effective way to protect your products during shipment. Shipping Trays are also stackable, allowing for simple and efficient storage. Plastic shipping trays are used in various industries including food packaging, and are ideal for bulk packaged products and products shipped in smaller quantities. Because plastic shipping trays are lightweight, shipping costs associated with your product are not increased.

With the ability to produce cost effective trays in almost any shape and size, Plaxall is your ideal choice for plastic shipping trays.