Plaxall has designed and produced countless retail packages for its customers. Whether it is a clamshell, trifold, blister, tray and cover, insert, slideplax, or POP display Plaxall will create a retail package that’s right for you. Utilizing a vast array of plastics, smooth or flocked, Plaxall will produce exactly what you require to display your product effectively.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Clamshells offer a tamper and theft resistant barrier between the product and the retail customer, while providing an excellent view of the product.

If you wanted to ship packages of softballs, a traditional egg crate clamshell provides excellent product protection in a convenient size. While most commonly manufactured with clear plastic, any color or tint can be used to provide the exact look you require. Our skilled staff can build any size, shape cavities, or ornamental designs into your clamshell.
One of the most versatile types of thermoformed clamshell packaging is the tri-fold. Tri-folds benefit retail merchandise by offering the ability to display a product on a shelf or hanging from a hook. Tri-fold packaging also allows for high density shipping while providing excellent protection for the products they house.

Thermoformed POP Displays

Thermoformed POP Displays, also known as a point of purchase display, are used to showcase and accentuate the presentation of your products. With the help of a custom countertop display manufactured by Plaxall, you can increase sales figures without hurting your bottom line. That’s because vacuum forming is an inexpensive method of producing high quality plastic products. Our highly skilled staff will design, tool, and produce a thermoformed POP display that is perfect for your needs.
Thermoformed POP displays are an excellent source of advertising. By placing your products on a custom display designed and manufactured by Plaxall, you are sure to get the visibility YOU desire.